Calling all young musicians! Are you fed up with NOT doing exams and then being rewarded with a rubbish result? Are you looking for a really pleasant and rewarding exam experience? How about entering for one of our diploma exams?

Our entry level diploma is the Diploma of the NCM, and then we offer further diplomas at Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship level. Success would mean that you would be allowed to put the relevant letters after your name (DipNCM, ANCM, LNCM or FNCM), you would be permitted to wear an academic gown – and if you pass our ANCM, LNCM or FNCM diploma, an academic hood as well. And (yes, there’s more!), as if all that wasn’t enough you would receive a mighty fine certificate to frame and put on the wall. What’s not to like?!

If you think this is for you, then get in touch with our friendly director of studies, Dr. Andrew Wilson (an international prizewinning composer who’s just won yet another prize!) who will be able to answer any of your questions and guide you through the whole process, to what we hope will be a worthwhile and successful outcome. Send him an email at: and make a start on your new project!

Important note! If you are reading this and are of more advanced years we’d love to hear from you, too! We offer dissertation diplomas as well as practical examinations, and many people have enjoyed completing excellent theses on all aspects of music. If this is something you might like to consider, then Dr. Andrew Wilson is your first port of call and he will guide you through the process and provide you with full support every step of the way.