The National College of Music and Arts, London has been in existence since 1894, offering music examinations in many instruments, as well as the theory of music, at every level.

We are pleased to be able to announce an award of Associate Fellow of the National College of Music, which is designed to recognise professional musicians who have made an outstanding contribution to the musical arena.

Associate Fellowship of the college is based on the following criteria:

The award, which is to be styled as AFNCollM (Associate Fellow of the National College of Music), will be awarded to those who can provide evidence of the highest level of musical expertise. It will therefore be appropriate for conductors, choral directors, recitalists, composers, musicologists and those who have made an exceptional contribution to musical education.

As it not an examined award, it will be awarded at the level of Associate Fellow and although its holders will invariably be highly accomplished musicians it will not act, per se, as evidence of a person’s practical musicianship.

All applications will be considered by the Executive Council of the National College of Music and Arts and Council’s decisions will be final.

Please note that this award is not an honorary fellowship, which are made on the recommendations of others.

Successful applicants will be permitted to use the post-nominal form of AFNCollM and to wear the appropriate academic dress of gown and hood.

If you would like to apply please provide:-
• A letter of application
• A comprehensive curriculum vitae or portfolio
• A signed letter of validation from an appropriate person.
You should then send these documents to info@ncm-london.co.uk.

A refundable fee of £100 to cover administration costs is payable prior to Council’s consideration of an application and should be transferred by BACS (details below), before an application can be considered.

Payment details
  • Sort code: 204422
  • IBAN: BG16BARC20442220689343

Once an application has been considered, applicants will be informed of Council’s decision within 14 working days. In the case of an application being declined, the administration fee will be returned within seven working days from the date of receipt of the application.